First established on 16 February 1998 as Freedom Building Design; the word “building” being omitted at the end of the year 2000 to reflect the changing nature of the business. Freedom Computer & Information Technology Services was adopted in 2008 as a trading name that properly reflects the principle business activity of the Partners. We serve a broad community of home, home office, small business and school users of computers and information technology systems with technical, tuition and consultancy support services. Freedom Design is the officially recognised name of the business partnership formed by husband and wife team Paul and Laurie Janine Truswell. Freedom Design is regarded as an attractive name that reflects the aspirations, Christian beliefs and professional background of the proprietors. Paul Truswell was employed full time in Architectural Practice between 1978 and 1997 prior to becoming self-employed in 1998. Involvement in IT commenced in 1989 with the introduction of Computer Aided Design at the Taylor Young Partnership; where he was in employment for 17 years. Paul was closely involved with the development at Taylor Young of a bespoke CAD system built on a UNIX platform; and, the implementation of Quality Systems that were instrumental in the practice becoming the first UK Architectural Practice to gain BS 5750 accreditation from the BSI. Paul started providing IT support services early in the year 2000 initially in a voluntary capacity at The Marlborough Primary School in Macclesfield. This served as an essential stepping stone towards making contacts with other schools; and ultimately, the adoption of information technology technical support in lieu of architectural design as the core business activity of Freedom Design. Between 2001 and 2006 Freedom Design successfully provided IT technical support to a portfolio of over 20 primary schools in and around the Macclesfield area in co-operation with Cheshire County Council. Laurie Janine Truswell joined Freedom Design on 2 September 2002 allowing a vast pool of IT experience to be added to the business. Prior to working with Paul, Jan was IT Manager with Insight Marketing and Communications in Macclesfield and has been working continuously in IT for over 25 years, many of these at a senior management level.