Technical Support Services: Protecting your privacy - taming the hidden beasties in Windows 8 and 10! Malicious software removal: viruses/spyware/adware etc. Computer health checks and tuning. Diagnosis and resolution of day-to-day computer problems. Broadband connection assistance. Program installations. Email set up and advice. Networks - wired and wireless. Printer installations. Pre-purchasing advice: Windows versus the alternatives? Hardware specification. Resource sharing: printers/folders/files etc. Computer "housekeeping": removal of excess data/programs etc. Back up – installation, advice, options. Fitting/replacement of components in existing computers. Installation and setting up of peripheral items: printers/cameras/scanners etc. Advice regarding older computers: disposal? donation to charity? upgrade? Tuition Services in the comfort and convenience of your own home including: All the basics and getting started - the real ABC of computing! Using the Internet - finding websites; where to go and where to avoid... Email - sending and receiving, attachments... Creating documents that you will be proud of... Shopping online - step by step we will guide you through the store of your choice! How to use eBay effectively to sell and make money from unwanted items... Touring the world before you book that holiday with Google Earth! Digital photography - organising, editing and printing your pictures How and why you should backup your data - eg. safeguarding years of precious family photos! ...the list goes on and on! If you want to discuss your support needs in more detail or are unsure of exactly what your needs are, please contact us!