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HOT TOPIC! Music radio shows - what's the point? scroll down for more...


Inspiration for Topographic Tunes...


...comes from Yes and their 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' double album of 1973. This radio show would not exist if it wasn't the profound influence of this and other amazing albums by Yes on show presenter Paul Truswell. Topographic Tunes is also dedicated to the memory of Yes founder member Chris Squire RIP 4 March 1948 - 27 June 2015.

(PT is proud to share the same birth date :)

Thanks Chris, your memory and your awesome bass playing live on!


Music radio shows - what's the point?

Why, in a world of instantly accessible music, should anyone listen? After all anyone can go find new music, assemble a playlist and hit go - and have been able to for many years now, and don't have to put up with chat in between songs or annoying edits! Therefore what's the point of a music radio show?

Back came this really helpful and interesting response from Progarchives Forum member Jul from New Mexico USA, presenter/producer of 'Progkast':

"The point? Three fold."

"One is when the presenter (in the US we call them "DJs") is musically intelligent and informed. I used to enjoy Greg Gillespie on the Deep Tracks station on XM Radio. I liked the banter in between songs, as he always had something informative and worth listening to."

"The second one is, new music. Sure anyone can find new music, but is it good? Personally, I'd rather someone with an ear dig through all that new music for me and tell me what's good, what's worth listening to... better yet, put it in a radio show so I can hear it and decide for myself (this is why I started Progkast). Radio shows are a great way to find new music. Radio has ALWAYS been a music promotion tool. Just because anyone can find music, download it and have the music they like, does not discount the importance of radio... or a radio show. In fact, individuals have ALWAYS been able to make their own, so called "playlist", I did it when I was a kid... it's called the "record" button. I'd been making my own "playlist" "mix" or whatever you want to call it since I got my first cassette recorder when I was 7 yrs old (suffice it to say, that was several decades ago!). So nothing has really changed."

"The third point, is the "live" factor. Even though many radio stations are automated, most are live during the morning or afternoon hours. There's something about being connected live that gives one a sense of... well,... connection... Much like Facebook... and one of the reasons why it is so popular."

"So to answer your question in one sentence... (lol), good presenter presenting good music and making a connection."


Many thanks to Jul and 'Progkast' - check out Jul's podcasts at :)


Jul (aka Julie) is an ex-Freeform Radio DJ as well as Drummer, Classical Guitarist, music connoisseur/collector, and overall audiophile with an extensive audio and literary music collection.